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Year Two Updates

Year Two Updates (2021-22)

Welcome to Year Two

Please see video for a short a presentation overview of Year One. We hope you find this informative and useful. If you have any questions, please speak to your class teacher.

Previous Year 2 activities

Year 2 Music - Taiko Drumming

Year 2 Science - Bean Growing

Year 2 Art

Children used Kandinsky’s style of art to create their own masterpiece.

Year 2 Maths

Around the World Writing

The children continue to be fully immersed with all writing opportunities and our learning on various countries around the world has inspired their ideas.  The children have had the chance to act out and write about traditional Japanese tales, create factfiles on famous landmarks from China, construct imaginative Japanese Haiku poems and they have produced superb adventure tales based around a trip to India. 

Please see the photos below showing excellent examples of their writing.

We Can Work It Out Geography Compass Challenge


As part of our Geography learning we photographed the school environment and challenged our friends to identify our chosen locations.  Consequently, we were able to discuss compass directions, physical and human features and locate these on a map of the playground.  What brilliant problem solvers we were!

Egg Experiment


For our science learning we challenged ourselves to make protective cushioning for eggs that were going to be dropped from a height.  In teams, we discussed our ideas, designed the packaging and finally carried out the experiment.  We found out that through a soft but stable packaging none of the eggs broke.

Design and Technology Mars Rover Project - Fab Finish


NASA can rest assured that its next generation of engineers is ready to start work on manned missions to Mars! Year 2 spent a productive, fun-filled Friday designing, building and evaluating space buggies helped by parents and carers. The children looked at different vehicles and how they were designed to carry out a task before examining how wheels, axles and chassis worked. Brilliant buggies were produced and there was a lot of smiling, laughing and pride during the tasks. Well done Year 2!