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Listed below are our Autumn Lunch Menus from September 2019.  

Coronavirus / Covid19 – food voucher scheme


You may have heard about the food voucher scheme, which is operational during the Coronavirus/Covid19 crisis. It is a government scheme that provides a voucher, which can be used in supermarkets, for children entitled to Free School Meals (FSM).


Currently all pupils in infant schools are eligible for Universal Free School Meals (UFSM), but this is not the same as Free School Meals (FSM), which only some children are eligible for due to their family’s particular circumstances.


In infant schools, to be eligible for FSM (and therefore eligible for the food voucher scheme) families need to have applied for a Pupil Premium grant. To qualify for Pupil Premium, the family needs be low income, receiving benefits etc. There is more information about Pupil Premium on our website.


Applications for a Pupil Premium grant are processed by the local authority. If you think you are eligible, please complete the form and email it to us at Courthill ( and we will send it on to the local authority  – or you can complete an online application directly with the local authority  


If your Pupil Premium / FSM application is successful, the school will be notified and we will be in contact with you regarding the food voucher scheme