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Physical Education

Mission statement


At Courthill Infant School we are committed to supporting all children to achieve and thrive through the development of a healthy and active lifestyle. We offer a variety of opportunities which promote a life-long understanding of how to stay healthy by incorporating fitness, movement and health as an integral part of our daily curriculum as well as through explicit PE sessions.  We want to offer experiences which will encourage sportsmanship, team work, challenge, knowledge, a sense of self-worth and perseverance. We aim to make physical and mental health, fitness and sport central to each child’s life, both in and out of school.  Mental health is also supported through well-being and ‘Mindfulness’ activities.


Our aim is to provide an exciting and varied PE curriculum which will nourish and extend children’s abilities to practice, refine and perform skills so that all children progress well from their starting points.   We provide a progressive curriculum from Early Years through to the end of Year 2, which builds on individualised learning needs and goals.  Children are able to challenge themselves within our ‘Growth Mindset’ ethos and our staff have the skills to enable this to happen.  


PE not only makes its own distinctive contribution to the school curriculum but also makes strong links to all aspects of the varied and interesting curriculum offered at Courthill Infant School.  PE at Courthill also supports the development of other curriculum areas, including PSHE, literacy and numeracy.


Please see below for our progression of skills overview.


Whole School Physical Activity Timetable - Spring 1 2020