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Religious Studies

RE at Courthill Infant School

At Courthill Infant School we enjoy following the Bournemouth and Poole agreed syllabus for RE, EnquiRE Within. It is an enquiry based approach to learning and each scheme of work gives the children the opportunity to consider a question, it progresses through to the end of Year 6. It helps our children to develop skills of investigation, empathy, reflection, evaluation and attitudes of appreciation, curiosity, open-mindedness and self-awareness.



In Foundation the children begin by thinking about what it means to belong to their family, our school etc. They learn about Christmas and Easter. Through stories they find out about a range of cultures and religions.


Year 1

The children continue to build on their learning of Christianity at Christmas and Easter, they consider the Creation Story and look at environmental issues, there is a focus on friendship. They also learn about Judaism, they find out about Shabbat and Chanukah. We are fortunate to have a Jewish visitor who is happy to answer any questions the children may have.


Year 2

In Year 2 the children continue to learn about Christianity, with a special focus on kindness. They find out how Jewish children celebrate the festival of Passover. The children learn about Islam and consider the Muslim prayer routine and think about how Muslims may feel when they belong to a Mosque.


Help your child at home

Encourage your child to be curious and ask questions. Talk about their ideas and opinions.Read and discuss stories from different cultures and religions. 


Learn about RE online

BBC Learning Zone has some great learning resources for Christianity, Judaism and Islam (our three main areas of study in Years 1 and 2).

Progression of RE at Courthill