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Year One Updates

Year One Updates (2021-22)

Welcome to Year One (2021-22)

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Please see video for a short a presentation overview of Year One. We hope you find this informative and useful. If you have any questions, please speak to your class teacher.

Year 1 walk around Parkstone

The year one children had a lovely time on their walk around Parkstone as part of their Geography learning this week.  They were able to identify; terraced houses, semi-detached houses. detached houses, a bungalow and flats.  They also found local areas of interest, including Alexandra Park, St. Osmund's Church, The Grasshopper and Tesco (which they were very excited about).  They were able to understand that this is their local area and other local areas are different.

All Around the UK - Autumn 1


As part of our topic, 'All Around the UK', the children have enjoyed reading stories based on St George, the Loch Ness Monster and the legend of Finn McCool and the Giant's Causeway. We have been so impressed with their knowledge of the four UK nations and the capital cities.


The Year One children have also knocked our socks off with their incredible narrative writing. They did some incredible writing about Floella Benjamin's journey to London from Trinidad during the Windrush era. In maths, we have been looking at different addition strategies and we have introduced the 'Chilli Challenge' where children can choose their own level of challenge for the independent task.


It has been brilliant to see children applying so much resilience and independence in their learning. The children have also enjoyed music where we have been learning about pitch, exploring high and low sounds with a range of tuned instruments.

Amazing Achievers - Autumn 2


As part of our ‘Amazing Achievers’ topic, the children have enjoyed learning about people from the past and present who have accomplished remarkable things. From Mary Anning who discovered dinosaur fossils right here in Dorset to Frida Kahlo all the way in Mexico who inspired us with her self-portraits and individuality. The children loved reading the true story 'Emmanuel's Dream' based on Emmanuel Ofosu Yeboah's incredible cycle ride around Ghana with only one strong leg. He showed us that having a disability doesn't mean you can't achieve your dreams. The children have spoken so much about equality and showing respect for others. We have been filled with pride to hear their discussions and read their amazing writing this term.


They have also impressed us with their 2D and 3D shape knowledge as well as their understanding of place value in maths. The children have made fantastic progress across the curriculum this term.

Under the Sea - Spring 1


The children have had a fantastic half term engrossed in our Under the Sea topic! They have enjoyed learning about some of the astonishing sea creatures that live in our oceans (both near and far). They have amazed us when writing their fact files in our English sessions, recalling lots of interesting information about Great White Sharks, Bottlenose Dolphins and many more exciting animals! The children also learnt about the dangers of plastic pollution during our ‘Somebody Swallowed Stanley’ reading focus. They felt very passionate about saving the planet and making a difference. They even created their own posters informing others to reduce, reuse, recycle and repair objects at home.


The children have also loved exploring our new ‘rekenreks’, tactile resources used to support the concept of addition and subtraction in maths lessons. Here is a link to a virtual rekenrek to explore at home:

Castles and Knights - Spring 2

Castles and Knights - Spring 2


Our topic this term has been ‘Castles and Knights’ and we have enjoyed learning all about the different parts of a castle. The children are now experts at naming and describing the features of castles using the correct vocabulary such as arrow loops, keeps and battlements. Their knowledge was evident during our Design and Technology morning when they created impressive castles.


We have also learnt about Mary Bankes and how she bravely tried to protect her home, Corfe Castle, from her enemies. The children were fascinated to learn that she lived in Corfe Castle and about her links to Kingston Lacy. Look out for the key of Corfe Castle at Kingston Lacy if you are lucky enough to visit!

We loved reading the story of The Knibblesome Knight and helping Dram the Dragon to become invisible by making potions. The children wrote clear and detailed instructions about how to make their own potions. The potions were incredible. What creative thinkers we have at Courthill! 

Wheels, Wings and Other Things - Summer 1

Previous Year One activities

Trip to Bealieu

As part of our Wheels, Wings and Other Things topic, year one had the day at Beaulieu.  They learnt a lot about how vehicles have changed over time and had the experience of riding in a 90 year old car.  We all had a wonderful day.

DT morning - Making vehicles

Year one spent some time designing and making vehicles.  They thought about how to attach different parts of their vehicles and what materials to use.

The Jewish Festival of Shabbat

The children spent the morning learning about the Jewish festival of Shabbat.  They made their own Challah bread and then listened to a story about how Jewish people believed the world was created.  Once the bread was ready, they experienced the Shabbat festival, learning that it was something Jewish families celebrate every Friday evening.

Year 1 Play - Pirates Versus Mermaids

Year 1 Maths

In maths this week, year 1 have been learning about capacity.  They have learnt that capacity means how much something holds.  They have been thinking about comparing capacity and some have started reading scales.  They have also done some problems solving. 


Year 1 art and DT work Spring term 2019

Year 1 learning the didgeridoo

Around the World - Sparkly Starter

To kick off our Around the World topic, year 1 learnt about the four countries of the United Kingdom.  To celebrate we had a tea party and enjoyed some cakes.  The children and adults had a lovely time.

Under the Sea Topic Web

Year 1 writing

Year 1 have been making leaflets about how to save the coral reefs.  They have also written a letter to the giant, helping him solve the mystery of who stole all of his things.

Under the Sea Music Making


Year one were very lucky to have Andy from The Bournemouth Symphony Orchestra to help us compose a song all about being under the sea.

Heroes and Villains Topic Web

Design and Technology Model Making


As part of our Design and Technology learning, year one children designed, made and evaluated some accessories for characters in stories.  We made bags for Goldilocks, boats for the Gingerbread Man and a new house for the Three Little Pigs.