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History provides an essential tool for children at Courthill Infant School to make sense of their place in the world and develop a life-long curiosity about the past.


In Foundation the children will talk about past and present events in their lives and their families, before moving on to consider significant people and events in the wider world. Throughout your child’s time at Courthill Infant School they will be encouraged to pose questions, examine artefacts and use different source material to find similarities and differences across and within different periods of History. They will consider events of local, national and international importance and will discuss how life was different for people in contrasting periods of the past. The children will often be given opportunities to focus their own learning by identifying famous people to study or setting questions to answer. They will discuss how the past is represented in different ways and why there may be differing explanations for events.


Specific curriculum input may include areas such as the events of the Gunpowder Plot, the life of Mary Anning, the Space Race or a comparison of the lives and experiences of Bear Grylls and Baden-Powell.