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At Courthill, we understand that Computing has become an integral part of our current lifestyle and therefore our computing curriculum reflects this. Children at Courthill have opportunities to use computers at any point in the school day, as well as a being taught a dedicated Computing Curriculum.  We teach children that computing includes a range of media from computers and cameras to remote control toys.  Our Computing Curriculum includes SEND ways in, to ensure that all children in the school are able to access the 'key knowledge' that is being taught.


The computing curriculum covers three areas, programming (computer science), computing skills (digital literacy) and solving computing problems (information technology).  Computing is taught as a discreet lesson to allow children to gain knowledge and skills of the technological world.  We also allow children to use computers and other electrical equipment in order that they can apply what they have learnt.  We have ensured that the curriculum is taught progressively, building on previous learning through each year group.


Please see the long term plans below to see how computing is taught at Courthill.


If you would like to know more about the Computing Curriculum, please speak to Mrs Churchill or visit the National Curriculum:  


Computing National Curriculum