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Our Values



Our Values


At Courthill, our core values are Courage, Curiosity, Responsibility and Kindness. They guide us to help us make a positive contribution to our school, families and wider community.


Courage at Courthill means:

  • Being brave  to try new things and overcome barriers

  • Developing strength, determination and self confidence

  • Having the tools to stand up for what we believe is right

  • Sticking with a task even when it is hard


Curiosity at Courthill means:

  • Having the skills and desire to ask questions to find out more

  • Showing an interest in ourselves, others and the world around us

  • Being an active learner who never wants to stop finding out more


Responsibility at Courthill means:

  • Looking out for the wellbeing of others and ourselves

  • Understanding that we all have a part to play in making the world a better place

  • Having a willingness to work hard

  • Making good choices and taking accountability for our actions


Kindness at Courthill means:

  • Thinking about other people’s feelings

  • Taking actions to help ourselves and others

  • Being gentle, caring and helpful

  • Striving to make others happy and in turn making ourselves happy