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Maths isn't just about learning new things, it's about explaining why things are, why things are not, why they have happened and what things mean. It's about finding maths around us; spotting symmetry, finding numbers and using maths words.


The tips on this page will help foster a love of maths at home.


  • Make maths fun, relevant and part of daily life.

  • Show excitement about maths - regardless of your experience of it earlier in your life.

  • Look and listen actively to what the child is saying.

  • Get your child to help explain what they are doing.


Recognising numbers up to 100 can be achieved through playing games like snakes and ladders. Dominoes is also a good game for counting, finding the total and finding the difference.


Improve your maths skills using the resources below:


Top Marks

Click here for fun times tables games online!



Gives details of year targets as well as games and tools for helping your child to achieve them.


Maths is fun 

Click here to look at this free games site, which makes maths fun!


KS1 Bitesize from the BBC

Fun games and puzzles covering everything from addition and subtraction to pyramid building.


KS2 Bitesize from the BBC

A visually stimulating site with games that cover all the main maths areas.


Teaching Tables

Making learning your times tables fun. However, home users have to pay £10 to download the games and worksheets.