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At Courthill, we value music because we understand that it is a universal and powerful form of communication that can influence the way we feel, think and act. Our intent is to encourage self-expression and creativity through an engaging music curriculum that brings children together through singing and playing instruments. We know the importance of being part of a community and feeling valued as an individual with unique thoughts and feelings.  We want children to understand the emotion that music can stir up inside you and the immense pleasure you can get from being part of something that is so much bigger than you. 


Music has a power unlike anything else to bring people together. Singing and playing as a group has a hugely calming effect on children as it regulates breathing and make hearts beat as one. It is a huge stress reliever and is proven to lift our mood and improve concentration. The beautiful, uplifting sound of our children singing is one of the best sounds in the world! Singing helps our children to shine with happiness and confidence.  Sadly we have not been able to have whole-school singing assemblies due to Covid, but hopefully we will be reunited soon! Why not practice some of our Singing Assembly songs at home or in your class bubble? You can find the lyrics and YouTube links at the bottom of this page!


Through our carefully designed music curriculum, not only will our children progress in their musical knowledge and skills, they will also feel the mental and physical health benefits of music, and develop their communication, social and emotional skills. Please see the long term plans below to see how music is taught at Courthill. If you would like to know more about the music curriculum, please contact Miss Young via the school office - or take a look at the National Curriculum.                                                                       

Give It All You've Got (watch / listen)

With this one, Change the lyrics to ‘Courthill school’ instead of ‘every school’ - good luck with the rap!

I Am The Music Man

Prehistoric Animal Brigade