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School Council Road Safety Week


We are so very proud of the children from the school council who gave their time to represent the
school on the recent School Safety Parking Project. From having the 
ideas, to the posters, to their great
communication skills showed all week, we were able to articulate clearly when delivering the message of safety.
We have given the children certificates and held a special tea party to award them for their
community spirit.

School Council at Courthill Infants School


At Courthill we are proud to have a school council. School council meetings are in place so that pupils have a voice and are involved in decisions about the school that impact them.  All pupils have the opportunity to raise issues with their class representatives, share ideas and take part in class discussions reaching a democratic solution.  Pupils at Courthill know that this is their school and their thoughts and ideas are valued.


There are three representatives for each KS1 class. The children write a letter of application in October which is read by the teacher and then pupils are chosen for the role of class councilor. They have that role for the whole of that academic year.

School council meets every fortnight. An adult always leads the meetings,   coaching and modelling if necessary. The long term idea is that children can do this virtually unaided. The secretary then makes a note of what has been decided in the minutes.

The school council have successfully introduced and developed Fun Fit Fridays, organised charity bake sales (one in which raised over three hundred pounds) and are now beginning to address road safety and parent parking around school.