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All children receive some kind of homework from the Foundation year onwards, but ‘homework’ means different things for different ages. If you are looking for help in supporting your child with their homework, you may find these learning resources give you some pointers.


Each child has a Home-School diary which varies slightly from year group to year group. We believe this diary is important because:


  • It gives children and parents/carers an opportunity to share their learning together.

  • It develops and supports the learning experiences of the week.

  • It provides further opportunities for teachers and parents to work together.

  • It encourages children to be independent and organise their work at home.


The following are guidelines from the Department for Education (DFE) for homework time:


Year Foundation

Five minutes each night - examples of homework could include, sharing books, pictures, talking, phonics practice and counting.


Year One and Year Two

10-15 minutes each night - examples of homework could include, reading to an adult, sharing books, an adult reading to children, phonics and spelling practise and playing word and number games.